October 19 – October 23



Monday: NO SCHOOL!!!!

Tuesday: Letters Worksheet Due; Poetry Analysis

Wednesday: Tone Words List #2 Quiz; Poetry Analysis – Thesis statements

Thursday: Poetry Analysis – Topic Sentences and Body Paragraphs

Friday: Poetry Analysis Essay Exemplars – evidence and commentary and scaling rubric


Monday: NO SCHOOL!!!!

Tuesday: Reading Check #1 – The Things They Carried; Intro to Argument Essay

Wednesday: Tone Words List #3 Quiz; Claims of fact and value

Thursday: Building a claims thesis

Friday: Beware of fallacies

October 12 – October 16



Monday: Intro to Frankenstein

Tuesday: Tone Words List 2; Continue Prose Analysis Essay

Wednesday: Meaningful Sentences Due; Timed Writing Prose Analysis

Thursday: Peer Review; Poetry Terms

Friday:  TPCASTT – “Plants”



Monday: Finish Rhetorical Analysis Essay, Bush’s Post-9/11 Speech

Tuesday: Tone Words List 3; Intro to The Things They Carried

Wednesday: PSAT

Thursday: Meaningful Sentences Due; Timed Writing Rhetorical Analysis

Friday: Peer Review; Intro to Argument Essay

October 5 – October 9



Monday: 1984 Graded Discussion; Major Works Data Sheet Due; 1984 MCQs

Tuesday: 1984 Graded Discussion continued

Wednesday: Guest Speaker: Mrs. Deck FAFSA

Thursday: 1984 Test; MCQs Due; Tone Words List 2

Friday: Intro to Frankenstein; Meaningful Sentences Due


Monday: Julius Caesar Profiles and Posters Due; Rhetorical Analysis Essay Building; Revisiting 9-11 Annotations

Tuesday: Tone Words Quiz (List #2); Rhetorical Analysis Essay; Building a thesis statement

Wednesday:  Rhetorical Analysis Essay; Body paragraphs

Thursday: Julius Caesar Test; Scene Summaries Due; Rhetorical Analysis Essay; Pre-writing

Friday: ELECTION DAY!!!!

September 28 – October 2



Monday: 1984 Part II Reading check; The Street building a thesis

Tuesday: Tone Words List #1 quiz; Topic Sentences

Wednesday: Group Write The Street Essay

Thursday: 1984 Part III Reading check; Line of Reasoning

Friday: 1984 Graded Discussion; Major Works Data Sheet Due Monday



Monday: Julius Caesar, Act IV

Tuesday: Tone Words List #2; Finish Act IV

Wednesday: Julius Caesar, Act V

Thursday: Wrap-up/Project work day

Friday: Work day Projects/Scene Summaries

September 21 – September 25



Monday: 1984 Part I Reading check; Guest Speaker – Mrs. Deck; Notebook Check

Tuesday: Tone Words; TAG prompts

Wednesday: Half Day

Thursday: Tone Words Homework Due; Annotating prose passages

Friday: Prose Analysis; Building Thesis Statements


Monday: Julius Caesar Act II (2nd and 4th SPACECAT DUE)

Tuesday: Tone Words Quiz; Analyzing Speeches; (7th SPACECAT DUE)

Wednesday: Half Day

Thursday: Julius Caesar Act III

Friday: Analyzing the Julius Caesar Funeral Speeches

September 14 – September 18



Monday: Peer Editing/Grading Essays on AP Rubric

Tuesday: TEST Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon England

Wednesday: 1984 Dystopian setting

Thursday: Prose Analysis

Friday: Notebook check; Beowulf song day!!!


Monday: Finish 9/11 Rhetoric (9/11 Homework Due)

Tuesday: Tone Vocabulary; Act I Julius Caesar

Wednesday: Guest – Mrs. Wright; Tone Homework Due

Thursday: Rhetorical Analysis Cassius’s speech to Brutus; SPACECAT due tomorrow

Friday: Notebook check; SPACECAT homework due; Read Act II of Julius Caesar

Attention Juniors


Please look at the Google Classroom stream and watch the video about PSAT. Deadline to register is next week.

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September 7 – September 11



Monday: Holiday

Tuesday:  Review Beowulf Reading; Beowulf project assignment; Homework – finish reading Beowulf

Thursday: Welcome Back!!! Timed Writing prompt analysis; Thesis writing practice

Friday: Beowulf Timed Writing


Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: (7th Period) Sample Slide show; SPACECAT “On Being Cripple”

Wednesday: (2nd, 4th) Answer questions about research slide shows; assign parts for Julius Caesar; Scene Summary assignment

Thursday: Welcome back!!! Act I Julius Caesar

Friday: SPACECAT Bush’s 9/11 Speech


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Tuesday Zooms


Pamela Lattin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: AP Lit (6th Period)
Time: Sep 1, 2020 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 0848 0682
Passcode: 8zvuHv

Pamela Lattin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 7th Period Lang
Time: Sep 1, 2020 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 979 1099 4710
Passcode: 9BDDTt

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August 31 – September 4


AP Lit:

Tuesday: Finish notes on Hero’s Journey; Notes on Anglo-Saxon England and Beowulf Literary Terms; Talk about Jane papers

Thursday: Biblical Allusions Quiz; Hero’s Journey TED talk; Read From Beowulf – “The Wrath of Grendel”, “The Coming of Beowulf”, “The Battle with Grendel”

AP Lang:

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to Julius Caesar; Julius Caesar Mini-Research Project

Wednesday/Thursday: MLA Format; SPACECAT “On Being Cripple”

Friday/Wednesday (9/9):

Sample Slide Shows

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