January 21 – January 25


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Read Act II, Dialectical Journals Due, Homework AP Style Questions A Tale of Two Cities

Wednesday: Watch Act II

Thursday: Read Act III

Friday: Watch Act III


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January 14 – January 18


Monday: Discuss curse of Macbeth; Assign Characters; Begin Reading Act I

Tuesday: Finish Act I

Wednesday: Watch Act I

Thursday: Read Act II

Friday: Watch Act II

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January 7 – January 11


Welcome back!

Monday: Shakespeare Stations

Tuesday: Dialectical Journals Due; New Lit Terms and Macbeth Vocab

Wednesday: Finish Shakespeare stations; Macbeth Musical Chairs

Thursday: Shakespeare v. HipHop; Finish Macbeth Musical Chairs

Friday: Case studies on Human Nature as relates to Macbeth; Begin reading Act I


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December 10 – 14


Monday: Presentation on topics surrounding A Tale of Two Cities

Tuesday: A Tale of Two Cities reading schedule and assignments, Dialectical Journals modeling

Wednesday: Holiday short story analysis

Thursday: Holiday short story analysis

Friday: Literary Device Bingo


December 3 – 7


Monday: Lit Terms Set #5, AP Style Questions for Animal Farm

Tuesday: Animal Farm Test

Wednesday: Animal Farm Timed Writing

Thursday: Notes: Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities

Friday: Dialectical Journals,  A Tale of Two Cities


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November 26 – 30


Monday: Allegory in Animal Farm charts

Tuesday: Novel Sheets Animal Farm, Herd Mentality informational text, political cartoons

Wednesday: Propaganda in Animal Farm

Thursday: Fake News in Animal Farm

Friday: Socratic Circle

November 12 – 16


Monday: 100th anniversary armistice day; “Trench Warfare”, “In Flanders Fields”

Tuesday: Poems of 1917

Wednesday: Poems of 1918 & Post War

Thursday: Poetry Timed Writing

Friday: Animal Farm Background Notes


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November 5 – November 9


Monday: AP Terms Quiz; Guy Fawkes Day; Finish “Wife of Bath’s Tale”

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Canterbury Tales Test

Thursday: World War I Poetry Unit; Background information; 1914

Friday: 1915 Poetry analysis with SOAPSTONE

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October 29 – November 2


Monday: Review Prologue to The Canterbury Tales

Tuesday:Read “The Pardoner’s Tale”

Wednesday: Lord of the Flies paper due; 1/2 Day

Thursday: “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”

Friday: Arthurian Legend

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October 22-26


Monday: Mock Trial

Tuesday: Complete Mock Trial, AP Lit Terms Quiz, Work on Essay

Wednesday: Lord of the Flies test

Thursday: Review the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, Read “The Pardoner’s Tale”

Friday: “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” Discuss

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