Week 32: April 15 – April 19


Monday: Reading The Importance of Being Earnest

Tuesday: Reading The Importance of Being Earnest

Wednesday: Mock AP Test; Finish The Importance of Being Earnest

Thursday: Movie The Importance of Being Earnest

Friday: Movie The Importance of Being Earnest


Monday: Intro The Great Gatsby

Tuesday: 1 Annotated Bibliography entry due; Review for Mock AP Test Tomorrow

Wednesday: Mock AP Test

Thursday: Debrief from Test

Friday: Directed Skill based on test performance


Week 31: April 8 – April 12


Monday: Kite Runner Test Review

Tuesday: Graded Discussion; Steps 3-5 Due

Wednesday: Kite Runner Test

Thursday: Kite Runner Test

Friday: Intro to The Importance of Being Earnest


Monday: Devil in the White City Test Review

Tuesday:  Devil in the White City graded discussion

Wednesday: Devil in the White City Test

Thursday: Devil in the White City Test

Friday:  Devil in the White City – choice Timed Writing

Week 30: April 1 – April 5


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Finish Championship Essay – Due today

Wednesday: Kite Runner Reading Check Ch. 21-25

Thursday: AP Progress check

Friday: Kite Runner graded discussion


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Step 2 Due – this will need to be typed on a Google Document and submitted to the Google Classroom – 1 -3 sentences explaining the social issue you are going to investigate; Synthesis Writing practice

Wednesday: Timed Writing Synthesis

Thursday: AP Progress Check

Friday: Reading Check Part IV and the epilogue; review synthesis essays


Week 29: March 25 – March 29


Monday: Final Four

Tuesday: Reading Check Kite Runner Chapters 16 – 20; Discussion

Wednesday: Championship Day

Thursday: Poetry Timed Writing

Friday: No School


Monday: US History Benchmark Test

Tuesday: Step 1 Synthesis Project Due; Synthesis Practice

Wednesday: Synthesis Practice

Thursday: Part 3 Devil in the White City Reading Check

Friday: No School

Week 28: March 18 – March 22


Monday: Sweet 16 Poetry

Tuesday: Kite Runner Reading Check and discussion; Journal entries due – Ch. 12-15

Wednesday: Sweet 16 Poetry

Thursday: Elite 8

Friday: Elite 8


Monday: Multiple Choice Monday

Tuesday: Devil in the White City Part 2 Reading Check

Wednesday: Argument Timed Writing

Thursday: Review Synthesis

Friday: Review Synthesis

Week 27: March 4 – March 8


Monday: Poetry March Madness “What the Cicada said to the Black Boy” v. “Perhaps the World Ends Here”; “The War Works Hard” v. “Gate A-4”; “If” v. “I am Offering this Poem”

Tuesday: Kite Runner Reading Check Ch. 8-11; Journals Due; Discussion

Wednesday: Poetry March Madness “God’s Grandeur” v. “Invictus”; “Dead Stars” v “Dreams”; “The Lanyard” v. “The Scaffolding”

Thursday: Poetry March Madness “Travelling through the Dark” v. “Good Bones”; “The Mower” v. “Wild Geese”

Friday: Poetry March Madness Sweet 16 Games 1 & 2


Monday: Continue building argument essay

Tuesday: Reading Check Devil in the White City Part 1; Discussion and activities

Wednesday: Finish essay; new prompt evaluate and CHELPSS

Thursday: Argument Writing

Friday: American Ripper video

Week 26: February 26 – March 1


Monday: March Madness Poetry

Tuesday: The Kite Runner reading check chapters 1-7; Literary Device Doc due; Discussion and activities

Wednesday: 1/2 Day/CTE Day

Thursday: March Madness Poetry: “Danse Russe” v. “Abandoned Farmhouse”; “A Lady” v. “Leaving Early”

Friday: March Madness Poetry: “Dover Beach” v. “(love song, two goldfish)”; “Quarantine” v. “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night”


Monday: Review Rhetorical Analysis Timed Writing

Tuesday: Rhetorical Device Weekly Set 3 Due: Review generating evidence for argument (CHELPSS)

Wednesday: 1/2 day/CTE day

Thursday: Review the Argument Thesis and topic sentences

Friday: AP Progress Checks


Week 25: February 19 – February 23


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Continue Introduction to The Kite Runner

Wednesday: The Kite Runner Reading and journals

Thursday: Poetry Review

Friday: Day 1 Poetry March Madness


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Introduction to The Devil in the White City

Wednesday: Continue Introduction and Reading

Thursday: Review Timed Writings

Friday: Rhetorical Analysis Review and Targeted skills review