April 22 – April 26


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Kipling “White Man’s Burden” Analysis; Project conferences

Wednesday: Reading and Discussion of Heart of Darkness

Thursday: New Historicism; “The Story of an Hour”

Friday: Heart of Darkness Timed Writing

April 15 – April 19


Monday: Finish The Importance of Being Earnest

Tuesday: Book tasting; Intro to Independent reading project

Wednesday: Heart of Darkness Background Info; Darkness v. Civilization

Thursday: The State of the Class Poetry Assignment

Friday: No School

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April 5 – April 12


Monday: Kite Runner Journals Due; Kite Runner Study Guide

Tuesday: Kite Runner Graded Discussion

Wednesday: Kite Runner Test

Thursday: Watch The Importance of Being Earnest

Friday: Watch The Importance of Being Earnest; Victorian Tea Party


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April 1 – April 4


Monday: Read The Importance of Being Earnest

Tuesday: AP Questions The Kite Runner

Wednesday: Read The Importance of Being Earnest

Thursday: Read The Importance of Being Earnest

Friday: Finish The Importance of Being Earnest

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March 25 – March 29


Monday: Read Act I The Importance of Being Earnest

Tuesday: Becoming Bunburst – Start Act II The Importance of Being Earnest

Wednesday: AP- Style Questions Satire

Thursday: District UIL Meet

Friday: Read The Importance of Being Earnest

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March 18 – March 22


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Dialectical Journals

Wednesday: Victorian Period/Oscar Wilde

Thursday: Quiz Ch. 1 – 13 The Kite Runner

Friday: Becoming Bunburst – Intro to The Importance of Being Ernest

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March 4 – March 8


Monday: Finish reading “A Modest Proposal”; set up Turn it in

Tuesday: Macbeth/A Tale of Two Cities Papers Due; Kite Runner Background information assignments

Wednesday: Present Kite Runner Background

Thursday: Satire AP Questions

Friday: Satire AP Questions

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February 25 – March 1


Monday: Poetry Analysis/ Lit Terms Review

Tuesday: Lit Terms Review/Test Taking Strategies

Wednesday: Practice AP Lit Test

Thursday: A Modest Proposal

Friday: A Modest Proposal

February 18 – February 22


Monday: No School!

Tuesday: Macbeth Finger Puppets recordings

Wednesday: Macbeth Test 

Thursday: Poetry Analysis

Friday: Poetry Analysis

February 11 – February 15


Monday: Re-write one act from Macbeth in a different genre.

Tuesday: Chopped: Macbeth – Students must construct a scene from scavenged materials and perform their re-written act.

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Macbeth Test

Friday: Fever Chart Presentations

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